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How to contact us: 
Existing clients can contact us directly from their Time To Pet portal. All other pet owners can reach us filling out the "contact us" form below, or via phone during business hours.  Please allow up to 48 hours for a response or call back to any correspondence.

Can I have a dedicated dog walker or pet sitter exclusively assigned to my pets? To ensure our professional staff members receive adequate rest and stay prepared to provide optimal service for your pets, we distribute visits among our team members. 

Do you take care of pets other than dogs and cats?
Certainly! We are delighted to accommodate a diverse range of pets and farm animals, including reptiles, chickens, fish, and birds!

Can you water my indoor plants and pick up my mail while I am on vacation?
Absolutely, this service is included at no extra cost. 

Do you provide grooming services?
WNC Pet Care specializes in pet sitting and dog walking. While we can assist with tasks such as nail trims or ear cleaning for a small fee, please note that we do not offer professional grooming services.

Is WNC Pet Care a veterinary clinic?
WNC Pet Care does not provide veterinary services. However, we are fortunate to have knowledgeable pet sitters with advanced skills, enabling us to offer special care services such as injections and other medication administration for a small fee.

Do you have a privacy policy?
Yes, please follow this link for more information.
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