For bookings, please contact us. We work with a Professional Pet sitter software called Time To Pet. It allows pet owners to receive visit reports, GPS tracking and also to schedule private services as needed. Thank you for your understanding. 

Private Dog Walk

30min (26$)

60min (36$)

90min (46$)

Your dog(s) will be walker around the neighborhood for up to 90min. WNC Pet Care provides no -pull harnesses, quality leashes, hypoallergenic grain-free treats and biodegradable waste bags. 

Dog Run or Hike

60 min (55$)

If your dog has an excess of energy, this is the best service for him/her. WNC Pet Care offers a service to run your dog on a 5k (3.5 miles) trail. Water breaks are offered every half mile. We provide harnesses, treats, poopy bags, and water bowls.

Drop-in Visits

30min (26$)

60min (36$)

90min (46$)

Drop-in visits are provided for pets who don't need to be walked. These include but are not limited to: cats, rabbits, reptiles, birds, chickens, and more. 

During the visit, each pets will be fed, water will be refilled, and many pictures will be taken! 

House sitting

8pm - 8am (12h)


8am - 8am (24h)


Many of our clients work night shifts or love to go on vacation! Our staff is trained to take care of your house and pets as their own. 

During our stay, we will provide at least 3 walks a day for your dogs, and many cuddles throughout the day. 

Pet Taxi


Our assigned pet sitter will be picking up your pet(s) and dropping them off at the desired destination. This service is most of the time used to bring dogs to doggy daycare, veterinarian or grooming appointment. 

Rates depend on distance and time of travel. 

Doggy Daycare

4h (26$)

8h (36$)

12h (46$)

We occasionally offer Doggy Daycare for periods of 4-8-12h at a time. Our house offers a pet friendly environment and a half acre fenced in yard. Your dog will come home happy and will be ready for a good long nap! Pick-up and drop-off is not included. 

We now provide step counts during your dog's stay, provided by the FI GPS collar. 

Nail Trim

Cat (20$)

Dog (30$)

Add-on (10$)

Dremel (5$)

We provide this service at any time of the day. It can be added to an already scheduled service or scheduled as is. We use professional veterinary quality nail clippers (cat size and large dog size) as well as offering the option of using a Dremel, for an additional 5$. This option provides a safer and more accurate trim. 

Farm Care




Our staff is trained to care for most livestock, including sheep, cattle, horses, goats, chickens, ducks, pigs and more. A meet and greet is required to go over the animal(s) routine before scheduling any service. 

Rates are based on number of animals and chores needed. Starting at 26$. 

Ear Cleaning


Add on (10$)

We offer ear cleaning service for dogs or cats with excess of wax (dark brown discharge). We provide organic cotton q-tips, organic cotton balls, and ear cleaner.

We do not treat ear infections without a written prescription. 

Medication and Injections


Add-on (10$)

Unfortunatelyour pets sometimes will get ill. Our staff is trained to administer subcutaneous fluids, injections, glucose readings, urine collection and more. 

This service can be used as an add-on (10$) or as is (32$). 







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