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Private Dog Walk

30 min -  $31.00*
45 min - $38.00**

60 min - $45.00***


Hire one of our professional walkers to become your dog's next best friend. We will bring your dog(s) for a stroll around the neighborhood. WNC Pet Care provides no-pull harnesses, leashes, hypoallergenic grain-free treats and biodegradable waste bags. 


Additional pet fees:
*$5.00 charge per additional dog(s) up to $10.00
**$7.50 charge per additional dog(s) up to $15.00
***$10.00 charge per additional dog(s) up to $20.00

Doggy Adventure (hike or run)

Run  - $55.00*
1 hr Hike - $55.00*
2 hrs Hike  - $80.00*

Does your dog enjoy the outdoors? We do too! We will bring them on a two hours long hike or a jog of about 3 miles in the nearest location. We provide transportation, delicious treats, water & waste bags.

*$20 additional per additional dog(s)

Doggy run is for a maximum of 3 miles, and can last up to 60min

Drop-in Visits

30 min -  $31.00*
45 min - $38.00*

60 min - $45.00*


When leaving town, it is important to hire a pet sitter you can trust. 

During drop-in visits, each pet(s) will be fed, water will be refilled, and many pictures will be taken! And of course, lots of playtime and cuddles are guaranteed!

Additional pet fees:
*First additional pet is free, 
$2.50 per pet thereafter, up to $7.50

Overnight House Sitting 

12h overnight: $110.00*
overnight: $165.00**

Many of our clients work night shifts or love to go on vacation! Our staff is trained to take care of your house and pets as their own.

During our stay, we will provide at least 2 walks a day for your dogs, and many cuddles throughout the day. Upon request, our staff is also happy to help with additional tasks such as watering plants, picking up mail, and putting the recycling on the curbside.

Additional pet fees: 
*$10.00 per additional pets (max $30)
**$20.00 per additional pets (max $60)

Pet Taxi

Starting at $30.00

Does your pet have an appointment at the groomer, but you are stuck at work? Our assigned pet sitter will drive your pet(s) to any destination within 50 miles.

Rates depend on distance and duration of travel.

Nail Trim

Cat  - $30.00

Dog -  $40.00
Add-on - $20.00/pet

We provide professional in-home nail trims for dogs and cats. It can be used as an add-on to a scheduled service or by itself. We use professional nail clippers and Dremel for a smooth finish.

Farm Care

30min - $31.00

60min  - $45.00

90min - $55.00

Our staff is trained to care for most livestock, including: sheep, cattle, horses, goats, chickens, ducks, pigs and more. A meet and greet is required to go over the animal(s) routine before scheduling any service. 

Rates are based on number of animals.

Specialized Care and Add-ons

Subcutaneous Fluids Administration.....................$40
Injection Appointment......$30

     - Insulin, Adequan, etc.

Bandage Change..................$40

     - Material included

Add-ons only:
Medication add-on.......... $3

Asthma Inhaler ..................$10

Injection ............................. $10

Nail Trim............................ $20

Ear Cleaning.......................$10

Glands add-on................... $10

Glucose Readings............. $10


Frequent trips to the vet can be stressful for both your pet(s) and and their owner. WNC Pet Care is proud to offer in-home specialized care services that allow your pet to receive the treatments they need in a stress-free environment. The business owner has many years of experience in the veterinary field and services such as subcutaneous fluids administration and insulin injections have become one of our specialty since 2017!


Don't hesitate to contact us with any specialized care inquiries not listed in the services above. 

Dog Walk
House Sitting
Pet Taxi
Farm Care
Run/ Hike
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